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Bespoke physical performance coaching and nutritional support.


At craftedpowr, we specialise in elevating athletes' and adolescents' physical performance through personalised strength and conditioning sessions and nutritional guidance. Our foundation is built on years of experience with a Premier League club and a degree in sports science, bringing a depth of sports application, knowledge and a personalised approach to each athlete. Our mission is not just to enhance your physical capabilities but to empower you with the knowledge and skills for injury prevention, recovery, and optimal nutrition.

We believe in the power of individualised training, as there isn't one pathed route to success. Our personalised plans are thoroughly crafted to cater to every athlete's unique needs and goals, ensuring optimal performance enhancement and injury prevention. Whether you’re a professional athlete striving for excellence or an adolescent embarking on your athletic journey, our tailored approach guarantees that you receive the attention and support you deserve to reach your full potential.


Our Coach

A current sports scientist from AFC Bournemouth who specialises with athletes aged U9 to U23. With a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Development and Coaching Sciences, he is also currently working to become a SENR-accredited nutritionist through a master’s degree. With years of experience in the sports industry and current exposure to a premier league club, he provides a variety of professional methods and support to optimise sporting performance.

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What we provide...

Struggling to keep up with the physical demands of your sport?  Minimise the risk of injury and ensure you stay fit. 

Rehab and injury prevention 

Need a boost in strength, speed, agility or power? Tailored sessions and programmes available.

Athletic Development 

Unsure on how to fuel your body to perform at your best? Advice, meal suggestions and education around nutrition.

Nutritional Support

Not an athlete? We can  work together to craft a body that you're confident in.

Body Transformation 

In Partnership with...

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The Studio
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Our Location

We are based at The Physical Performance Hub Ltd unit. A private studio equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and designed to help you achieve your goals in a comfortable and supportive environment. 

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